Back To School Essentials~Travel Guides for Writers,Bloggers & Students



In this comprehensive guide to the best places to read and write while in New York, traveling writer Juliet C. Obodo explores tons of cafés in search of the perfect place to sip and savor while you write your life’s tale. If there is one thing that is vital for a successful writing experience in the portable world of laptops and lattes, it is a workspace where you can actually work! What began with one writer’s experience during construction on her building, and a need to escape in order to produce her next book, has become the Writer’s Retreat series. Created with a keen eye for what you need to write/read/study/blog with gusto (and caffeine), this book will help you navigate all five boroughs of New York. No matter what your retreat requirements may be, Writer’s Retreat New York likely contains the place you always wanted to discover—without the work of being the one to find it first. Obodo thoughtfully includes local spots guaranteed to inspire in each borough. Begin in a museum or wander through botanical gardens, then follow your inner child to a park or sooth your soul and meditate in a quiet chapel. In addition to the café selections that are neatly divided by neighborhoods within boroughs, you will find a section on etiquette and timeframes—you know, for those novellas written in a single sitting—and yes, you should spend a certain amount and tip well if you plan to return. So grab a cup of Joe with your Writer’s Retreat in hand and head to your new favorite place!

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