Blink Fancy & Fancy Face Artistry


We originally went have our nails done by Kylie who is a true nail artist and decided to add the eyelash extension services because they have a deal running on Living Social. Tanya the owner and eyelash guru was nice enough to inform us of the current special.  It’s been 5 days and our lashes are still going strong. To have strangers calling you  beautiful at 8 am in the morning BEFORE actually putting on make up is great. Speaking of which make-up isn’t necessary with these lashes; they really make a huge difference. We highly recommend Blink for all your beauty needs from lashes to tips and deal or no deal.

Glam Lash: Individual Mink Lashes

Tanya also has her own mineral based make-up line called Fancy Face Artistry. She invited us back for a make-up tutorial that turned into a fun glam session. We took a few photos below. For the how-to and video visit Fete du Juliet next week for Make-up Monday. You can also check out the Vines from the shoot.


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Fancy Face Artistry
Fancy Face Artistry
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fancy face artistry make up session
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Glam Make up Session By Fancy Face
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Tanya (owner) with Juliet and Ricky the make up artist.
Tanya (owner) with Juliet and Ricky the make up artist.
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