Thanksgiving In Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Being home for the Holidays can be a lot of fun if you live in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Here is our mini-guide on where to eat,drink and shop this Thanksgiving. Oh and of course what to wear while you’re doing all three.

EatWSweet Chick

Ordered the seasonal special. A turkey leg, with stuffing waffles, mashed potatoes and mushroom gravy. A well seasoned and hearty meal. It can be split between two or eaten by one gluttonous individual. Wash it down with a Tiger Woods, a strong refreshing house cocktail.

sweetchick2sweetchick3DrinkWToby’s Estate Coffee

Conveniently located on N6th in a beautiful space that lets in plenty of sunshine during the day and is lit up at night. It’s perfect for any type of caffeinated activities whether it’s a coffee date, meeting a friend to catch up or hanging out with a large group. The espresso drinks are made perfectly and they also have an impressive selection of blends for drip coffee.


SHOPWIn God We Trust

Has a number of locations and this is one of our favorites. Reminds us of one of our favorite boutiques in London. With staples and statement pieces for both men and women, you’re sure to walk out with something.



Happy Thanksgiving!

Peace, Love & Chic Voyage

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